We're very excited to announce the launch of the Weebly Designer Platform, a rebrandable CMS solution that makes designers' lives easier and their clients happier --  a content management system that clients can actually use!

We've taken our intuitive, drag & drop website builder, layered on tools to help designers easily manage their clients, and made everything completely rebrandable so the designer's company logo, colors, and domain are displayed in place of ours.

Check out this quick demo to see how this all works:

Today, we feel honored that over 7 million businesses and individuals have used Weebly.com to build their web presence. According to latest figures from Netcraft, the Weebly service powers over 2% of the websites on the Internet! Even so, this only feels like the beginning.

With the Designer Platform, we're putting the power of Weebly in the hands of designers around the world. The web design community plays a central role in how websites are built and managed. Oftentimes, a local business would much prefer to pay a designer to build them a website and teach them the basics of social media verses struggling to learn on their own, no matter how easy the tools.

Around 50% of small businesses don't have a website. Of those that do, there's a good chance most aren't happy with them. How many businesses are stuck with websites they can't update? How many restaurants have flash websites with downloadable PDF menus? 

Almost daily, we get an email from a designer asking if they can use Weebly to build websites for clients under their own brand. For years we've told them no, but we're very excited to finally make this a reality.
We've had a group of private beta designers using the platform for the past few months and they've told us they now spend less time building each website, less time training clients, and since their clients can actually update their websites themselves, they can support more clients, thus earning more money. 

Along-side this launch, we're also releasing huge improvements to our theming system, providing designers in-depth control over the page layout of individual pages, allowing more flexible, professional sites. For more details on the theming improvements, check out our theme documentation.

For more details on the Designer Platform features or to give it a spin yourself, check out our homepage.

We'd love to hear your feedback!